The no nonsense guide to Funding available via GAINS

GAINS (The Gloucestershire Accelerated Impact Network Support) is a European funded programme to help ambitious start-ups and high growth companies here in Gloucestershire.  It offers (subject to some criteria and form filling!) access to 24 hours of coaching support over a 6 month period, from an approved GAINS coach for £1440, which represents a saving of £960 (40% of the coaching cost).

It is accessed via the University of Gloucestershire & the Growth Hub GAINS programme.

The coaching can cover all aspects of developing the business including organisational development, leadership development, business development, marketing, product development… to name a few.

How does it work?

An in depth diagnostic conversation to determine the organisation’s eligibility, its barriers to and opportunities for growth and develop a business plan is the start point.  This will be undertaken by the GAINS Project Manager.

As well as access to the subsidised coaching, the organisation will also be entitled to attend a series of half day masterclasses covering: Leadership for Growth, The Art of Strategy, Finance for Growth, Developing your Product and Breakthrough Business Innovation.  There is also access to a High Growth Network Group.

Who is Eligible?

  • Businesses with at least 10 employees that have the potential to increase turnover or employment by an annual average of 20% over 3 years;
  • Established businesses with fewer than 10 employees with potential to increase to at least 7 employees or grow turnover by £750k over 3 years; and
  • New businesses that might be capable of exceeding £750k-£1M turnover or 7-10 employees over 3 years.

In essence what the organisation’s must achieve as a result of the coaching (provided over a 6 month period) is either: launch a new product, take on a new employee or increase turnover/profitability.

What is HRML’s involvement?

Here at HRML, Julie Heather is a GAINS Coach so we can provide qualifying organisations with 24 hours of coaching to assist them with:

  • organisational and cultural change
  • developing and implementing new structures
  • appointing and developing senior teams and line managers
  • coaching senior team and line managers to lead and manage their people effectively

What next?

Anyone interested will need to initially complete an online form to view and check eligibility.  They will then receive an email asking for financial information and to organise a meeting with the GAINS Project Manager.

For more information contact Julie Heather at HRML for more information on 01452 739000 or


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