The Dark Art of Successful Recruitment

Why is it so difficult to find the right candidate when recruiting?  It really should not be as hit and miss as it seems. Here are a few hints and tips to help you get it right.

In our experience of recruiting for ourselves and our clients, the key to success starts with setting out exactly what you are looking for.  I don’t mean ‘a qualified solicitor’, a ‘chartered engineer’ or ‘quantity surveyor’, that’s the easy bit. I mean what you are REALLY looking for, the person themselves.

So many recruitment processes fail because the recruiter has not spent the time really thinking about the attributes they need in their candidates and how they will fit in with the values, culture and behaviours that are important to your organisation.

  • Before you start, make sure you set out in a ‘person specification’ the skills and attributes you need for the role. These maybe teamwork, communication, reliable, resilient, able to see the bigger picture, customer focused.


  • Remember diversity – it is important when setting out what you want, to ensure that throughout your organisation you have sufficient diversity in your teams to enable you for example to see things from your customer’s perspectives and come up with innovative and creative ideas for new products or services.


  • Write competency based questions to ask at interview to enable the candidates to give you real life examples of where they have demonstrated these skills and attributes, such as ‘Tell me about a time when you………………….?’ These types of questions mean the candidates have to give you actual examples of what they have done and how they did it.


  • Fourthly, you can use psychometric like personality profiles. Lots of our clients like the insights these can give into the candidates and develop interview questions to probe any areas of concern.  They are accessible and affordable now thanks to online questionnaires.  They can also be scarily accurate and therefore very valuable.


  • Finally, never take the best of a bad bunch!




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