Introducing HRML Genie – Our HR System

An HR System allows businesses to function efficiently by effectively managing its employees. With a robust system in place, admin tasks can be performed quickly and accurately without the hassle of handling high volumes of paper.

The benefits of having an HR system are innumerable as they continue to address more and more business-related challenges. Cumbersome systems are officially a thing of the past, as our intuitive and straightforward online software is designed to help you easily and securely access all your HR data from anywhere with an accessible internet connection.

We have recently launched our HR System– HRML Genie.  

The key essential features which HRML Genie offers include:

Approve / Monitor Holiday Requests

This is a simple and straightforward process for holiday approval and saves time. A central record is kept so you are familiar with who is currently on holiday.  HRML Genie allows employees to view their holiday allowance, submit and check requests against an online team calendar.

Manage Employee Absence

Every absence is logged, approved and analysed. By having a central absence management system you can be proactive and identify problems before they develop, without adding extra admin.

Performance Management

Keeping on top of performance is key within a business.  Individual employee performance records are kept to allow you to:

  • Keep notes of all one to one meetings
  • Record actions and objectives
  • Receive notifications to make sure meetings happen
  • Link employee objectives with company goals

Having this functionality means it’s easy to identify training needs or ascertain specific certification which may be required. This is also a useful tool which provides employees the opportunity to develop.

Streamline reports

In addition to simply sort and manage data, HRML Genie offers a powerful analytical feature that can integrate and process data which identifies important trends by generating custom reports.

Organise Documents: keep all employee documents safe and publish policies online

This feature allows you to:

  • Easily share your company documents policies & procedures and monitors who reads them.
  • Keep all documents relating to individual employees in one secure place.
  • Mail merge feature enables you to create and send documents to an individual, department or group audience within your company, making communication in your business super easy.

API System & Calendar Integration

The benefit of this feature allows you to Streamline information across key systems and be assured that your data has synced perfectly between platforms.  Your holiday calendars in HRML Genie can be displayed in other applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

What’s more, employees can be responsible for entering their own data, meaning they can manage tasks such as updating their home address and contact details rather than this being done by you as the employer.  This is not only an employee engagement tool but enables HR to focus on key specific business requirements.

By automating many of the day-to-day HR processes, HRML Genie will free up time so you and your employees can focus on the value aspects of the job, thus increasing productivity and innovation in your workplace.

If you would like to find out more on HRML genie or to preview a demo, please call us on 01452 739000 today.



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