Right from the start..

You have experienced an increase in demand from your customers, they are becoming more and more demanding and are requesting more of the goods and services you provide.

Due to the demand, you believe you need to increase your headcount to help meet the customer requirement, but equally maintain the same level of service.

You aspire to continue driving the business forward in meeting the customer expectation and the business objectives, therefore you hire extra people.

Now that you have hired new employees into the business, your desire is for them to reflect the behaviours in line with your company culture and values and to deliver an outstanding service to your customers.

So, how could you achieve this?

This can be done by way of:

An effective on boarding programme

Discuss the company’s Mission, Vision and Values and the behaviours you expect of all employees.

Meet the team and key people who will provide new employees with an insight into what the business does and how they fit in.

Other areas you would cover in an induction programme are:

Terms and conditions

It is a good idea to talk through key terms and conditions with the new worker and give them details such as:

  • hours of work, including breaks
  • pay and benefits
  • Sickness and holiday procedures
  • Dress code/PPE

Policies/Company procedures

Provide the employee with a copy of company procedures and employee handbook drawing their attention to the most important areas such as:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Confidentiality
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Code of Conduct
  • Use of Social Media

Health and Safety

You are legally required to provide workers with any health and safety information they need to carry out their job safely.  This would include fire safety procedures, notifying them of any hazards on site and inform them if there are dedicated smoking areas.

Other areas which are beneficial to cover as part of the induction are a site tour and an introduction to equipment, where their job might involve operating machinery.

To further enhance a new employee’s knowledge and skill, you may need to provide technical skills training including customer service and IT skills training along with interpersonal skills training covering areas such as listening, verbal and written communication as well as time management.  This training could be in house or via external training, mentoring, coaching or job shadowing.

The key benefits of carrying out effective inductions together with training opportunities are:

-Enhances your employer brand

-Boosts employee engagement and retention

-Increases potential internal promotions, rather than costly recruitment & training of new employee

-A highly skilled workforce


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